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Welcome Beautiful You!

I am a certified Health and Wellness Counselor, Empowerment & Beauty Coach, Freelance Makeup Artist, and a Licensed Esthetician in the State of Florida. My passion and purpose is to help women uncover their true potential, to empower women in discovering their inner strength, to redirect negative self-talk, to encourage self-love, and guide you to loving all of you. Because not loving yourself can impact your relationships, your choices, your view on life. I help mesh your inner beauty and outward beauty!

We all have unique and beautiful gifts to share, and I can help you shine that light outward.

Let's Redefine Beautiful You!


About My Approach

I genuinely believe that your mind, your body and your spirit can work together in harmony to create inner happiness and joy. The way you speak to yourself can impact your daily judgement and decisions. The way you look at some things in your life and how you react, can have a direct impact on how you feel. Which in turn, can have a direct impact on how you present yourself to the world. Your life is a direct reflection of the feelings you hold inside. It's a circular motion! Meditate on that, and hopefully you can see what I mean.


I help and guide you to identify and understand the habits that are sabotaging your happiness through negative self-talk, comparison body image, and feeling unworthy. And we work together to develop new habits to help you shift those negative patterns to create personal growth. I offer mindset coaching, body image coaching, wardrobe consulting, health and wellness coaching, and make-up consulting. Clarity with Claribel, LLC is where Wellness & Beauty Collides! This is a space for Wellness, Beauty, Facials and other skin treatments.

NO matter your age, NO matter your weight, NO matter your social status, No matter ANY "Label" you have given yourself....YOU ARE WORTH IT. You deserve to love yourself, feel confident, feel beautiful, and live your life now! Not tomorrow, not when you lose those few pounds, not when you have more time... No more excuses.


As a Health and Wellness Consultant, my dedication and mission is to help you get those planted feet unstuck to move you towards Redefining Beautiful You. To unleash the power to make better decisions, to feel your best and look your best, from the inside out.  


What's keeping YOU stuck? It’s time to start loving and nurturing yourself. Let's do this!

Let's Connect!

Have any questions? Send me a note, and I will get back to you!

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