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Redefining Beautiful You

  • 12Weeks
  • 26Steps


Hello Beautiful You! I am a certified Health and Wellness Counselor, Makeup Artist, and Licensed Esthetician. Along with my training and therapy, I struggled with childhood trauma, I always felt I was not good enough, I harbored sabotaging thoughts. Then I became ill with Crohn's Disease, I then fell into depression and hopelessness. It took years of therapy and self work in order to heal and learn to truly love myself every step of the way in my journey. Which lead me to my Passion today to help woman uncover their true beauty inside and out. I offer these exclusive services to empower women in discovering their inner strength and potential, and to encourage self-love to guide them to love all of them.  My "Redefine Beautiful you" Program consist of a total of 12 weeks which includes 2 weekly individual (one on one) calls with me. Each week we will open discussions on topics pertaining Mind, Body, and Spirit. I humbly believe that your mind, body, and spirit work beautifully in harmony to find happiness and joy. You must be willing and open minded to commit to at least 5 hours a week for yourself. Five hours in a 7-days IS POSSIBLE! This may mean you lock yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes daily, you wake up an hour earlier, you stop scrolling endlessness through Tik-Tok (trust me I can get sucked in with watching Tik-Tok and Reels too). I truly believe that you have the capability to focus working on YOU! Let's Go and Redefine Beautiful You!

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